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What causes back pain? Treatment methods and natural pain relief

Back pain is one of the most common medical problems for Canadians today. It affects 8 out of 8 out of 10 people 10 people at some point in their lives.

Back pain may be experienced as a dull, persistent aching feeling, or it may occur suddenly, as a sharp, stabbing pain. Back pain can be acute (sudden onset) or it can be chronic, which means it lasts for more than three months.

Back pain in itself is not an illness. It is a symptom of another, underlying cause. Over the counter medication can relieve back pain, but they won’t address the root cause. Some painkillers can even cause negative side effects on your heart and blood pressure, due to the fact that they work to dilate the blood vessels. The pain is your body’s way of giving you a heads-up. You need to find out what is causing the back pain, so go get it checked out by your doctor as soon as you can. It may be something real simple; you’re spending too many hours in front of the computer, and your desk is the wrong height. Or maybe you have been shifting furniture when you moved house and you overdid it. Anyhow, you should find out sooner rather than later what started it. In the meantime, there is a great, natural pain relief and treatment method for your back pain, that will also help improve your chances of a fast recovery - Pranamat ECO.

Pranamat ECO is a treatment method that fights pain naturally. It works on the problem area, but it also has beneficial effects on the whole body.

Neck Pain

8 out of 10 people have suffered or will suffer from back pain at least once in their lifetime

Pranamat ECO is a therapeutic acupressure mat. It’s an invention that combines the very latest holistic treatment technologies with the ancient wisdom from many natural healing traditions around the world.

The most common types of back pain:

  • General back pain, not localized
  • Sciatic pain
  • Localized spinal pain, such as pain in the lumbar region, neck region
  • General stiffness in the back and neck
  • Shoulder pain 
Neck pain relief
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Pranamat ECO - next generation acupressure therapeutic mat

Pranamat ECO is a wonderful acupressure tool for fast back pain relief and treatment. It fights the cause of pain naturally, working on the areas of inflammation, as well as providing a positive response throughout the whole body. It combines the ancient wisdom of acupressure with organic design, and the latest technological advances in holistic medicine. With Pranamat ECO you will soon forget you ever suffered from back pain!

All the materials used to create Pranamat ECO are of natural origin. The acupressure heads will subtly adjust the energy flow within the body, creating harmony and rebalance. The lotus flowers massage heads are arranged in a honeycomb pattern, a pleasing and uplifting design for the mind, as well as the body. 

Try Pranamat Eco, and turn your back pain into a distant memory!

Pranamat ECO will change your life!

Using Pranamat ECO regularly will help relieve various types of back pain, and after a while will allow you to recover completely! Make Pranamat ECO sessions a part of your daily life and look forward to decreasing your pain permanently and getting back your normal routine. You will feel like your old self once again.

The Pranamat ECO method is a highly successful way of treating back pain without the need for surgery,harmful drugs or medication. It has no side effects and is recommended by doctors. Say good-bye to back pain for ever with the Pranamat ECO proven method.

Pranamat ECO Essentials & Benefits

  • More than 100,000 satisfied customers around the world
  • Made in Europe
  • More than 20 exhibition and press awards
  • PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2012 award from HEALTHY LIFE magazine
  • Made from completely eco-friendly materials, kind to you and kind to the planet
  • The first therapeutic acupressure mat approved by US FDA as a medical device
  • A clinically proven product, with European Union certification
  • Pranamat ECO 10 year warranty as standard
  • Fast Canadian shipping and 30 days full money back guarantee
Pranamat ECO mat PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2012 award by HEALTHY LIFE Magazine

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Certificates and patents

FDA Certificate
First acupressure mat approved as a medical device by US FDA

Advaita, a producer of health and wellness products based in Latvia, has received approval from the US FDA for the Pranamat ECO acupressure mat, making it the only FDA-approved acupressure mat in the US.  The Pranamat is officially registered as a "medical device and therapeutic massager mat."

 — Sep 16, 2010 press release

Certificate of conformity
EU Conformity Certificate issued by Latvian Academy of Sciences

Certification Centre of the Latvian Academy of Sciences initial type-testing of the products, the initial inspection of the factory and of the factory production control results confirm that all provisions concerning the attestation of conformity described in the EU Regulations.

Design registry certificate
14 technologies, know-hows, design elements and solutions were PATENTED

During the approx. 18 months’ development period of the Pranamat ECO we registered 14 European and worldwide PATENTS which include technologies, know-how, design elements and solutions (some patents pending).

Beware of cheap fakes!

Natural back pain relief

Beware of fake acupressure so-called "therapeutic" mats!

Don’t entrust your health to cheap Chinese fakes.

There are many fake mats out there which have been made with an incorrect spike density and sharpness. These will ruin any medical benefits of the mat, and may even cause you harm.

Pranamat ECO has been specially developed by experts. However, the cheap fake mats are just look-alike copies that have not been technically designed at all.

Pranamat ECO is a more expensive mat than the cheap, fake alternatives because it uses high-quality organic raw materials, which are sourced as eco-friendly and DO NOT contain ANY chemical additives. So there can be no negative health issues from using a Pranamat ECO.

Don’t trust your health to a cheap, Chinese fake mat!

Cheap fake mats are almost always potentially dangerous to your health. They use materials that could contain hazardous chemicals, which could harm the skin, blood and immune system. For example the acupressure spikes on these mats are usually made from plastics containing toxins, and heavy metals, as well as AZO colorants, which have an oncogenic and mutational influence, as well as causing allergies.

The producers of these mats do not strive to produce a product that is beneficial to the health; they are just producing a look-alike product, without any care for the environment or your health.

A lot of modern industrial paints usually contain AZO compounds. The name «azo» comes from azote, the French name for nitrogen, which is derived from the Greek «a» (not) + «zoe» (to live).

More than 100,000 satisfied customers around the world!